“The group expressed their appreciation for all the support they have been receiving from the International Center, and they requested the Center continue to open doors for the refugees because it is the only place where a refugee can receive proper and prompt attention.”

Meeting of the Congolese community in Bowling Green, August 2012

The International Center of Kentucky is a refugee resettlement agency with Headquarter in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and a site office in Owensboro. Started in 1981 by Marty Deputy, the International Center has helped to resettle over 10,000 refugees, victims of human trafficking, asylees, parolees, and others with similar status, as well as other immigrants from thirty (30) countries around the globe. Working closely with the Department of State and the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, the International Center ensures that refugees and other immigrants with such status have a support structure that would enable them fully integrate and thrive in the United States.


The mission of the International Center is to address the needs of Refugees and Immigrants in their assimilation and integration into community life, by providing employment, educational, housing, and other social services.


Who We Are

Albert Mbanfu
Executive Director
Bowling Green, KY albert@wkrmaa.org ext. 307
Chris Kantosky
Chief Operations Officer
Bowling Green, KY chrisk@wkrmaa.org ext. 304
Evelina Gevorgiyan
R&P Program Manager
Bowling Green, KY evelinag@wkrmaa.org ext. 305
Laura Cohron
Accounting Associate
Bowling Green, KY laura@wkrmaa.org ext. 312
Kelly Rice
Employment Program Manager
Bowling Green, KY kellyrice@wkrmaa.org ext. 322
Amaan Rushdi
Wilson Fish Coordinator
Bowling Green, KY ema@wkrmaa.org ext. 310
Vung Dim
Interpretation & Translation Program Manager
Bowling Green, KY vung@wkrmaa.org ext. 317
Edith Castro
Immigration Case Manager
Bowling Green, KY edith@wkrmaa.org ext. 302
Diana Barros
Immigration Assistant
Bowling Green
Oksana Barko
Match Grant Program Manager
Bowling Green, KY oksana.barko@wkrmaa.org ext. 306
Susan Mkanta
Supplemental Services Program Manager
Bowling Green, KY susanmkanta@wkrmaa.org ext. 318
Shirley Yarbrough
ESL Teacher
Bowling Green, KY shirley@wkrmaa.org ext. 314
Kayla Byrd
WF Case Manager & KWP Site Supervisor
Bowling Green, KY kayla.luttrell@wkrmaa.org ext. 325
Ghania Wehaim
Case Manager
Bowling Green, KY
Sr. Anne Marie Joshua
Case Manager
Bowling Green, KY annemarie@wkrmaa.org ext. 316
Elizabeth Florez
Case Manager
Bowling Green, KY lizflorez@wkrmaa.org ext. 311
Muhannad Salih
Logistics Assistant
Bowling Green, KY muhannad@wkrmaa.org ext. 303
Kenneth Samec
Bowling Green, KY
Brianna Roberson
AmeriCorps Volunteer Coordinator
Bowling Green, KY brianna@wkrmaa.org ext.327
Anna Allen
Site Coordinator
Owensboro, KY
Elexis Nicholson
Match Grant Program Manager
Owensboro, KY elexis@wkrmaa.org (270) 683-3423 ext. 216
Susann Bartlett
TAG Coordinator
Owensboro, KY susann.bartlett@wkrmaa.org (270) 683-3423 ext. 201
San Lwin
Case Manager
Owensboro, KY